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Main:  (906) 875-3765

Office Cell:  (906) 367-1203

Forestry Cell: (906) 235-5831



Monday to Thursday            8:00 am - 2:00 pm

*Additional hours by appointment

Iron Conservation District

2 South Sixth Street, Suite 15

Crystal Falls, Michigan 49920

Office: (906) 875-3765

Jen: (906) 367-1203

Roger: (906) 235-5831

Office: lower level of the Iron County Courthouse.

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"I am most alive among the tall trees" -D. Cates

Iron Conservation District is one of Michigan's 78 Conservation Districts.  We are providers of natural resource management services and information. Our goal is simple: To help local citizens manage their lands and preserve our environment. Funding for our programs, projects, workshops, and outreach events come from our tree sale, grants, contracts, and donations.

Mission:  To encourage the wise use of our natural resources through promotion and education.

Vision:  We will protect, conserve and encourage the use of our natural resources in a responsible manner. 

Conservation Districts began to form during the dust bowl years. Iron Conservation District has been serving the people of Iron County since 1961. Many environmental issues we face today cross county and state borders; We work in partnership with many State or County agencies, and many other Conservation Districts to  help all who live in this great county.

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