Iron Baraga Conservation District

Private Lands Forestry Referral Service:

1.) Private landowners who contact the

Iron Baraga Conservation District with

forestry related questions or visit the website,

will be able to receive a referral to a forester

free of charge. The landowner will fill out a

forestry referral form (number acres, forest type,

what kind of forestry assistance they are interested in).

This form is available in our office and to anyone who visits the website.

2.) The Landowner submits the request to the Iron Baraga Conservation District.

3.) The District will then email the request directly to the consulting foresters who have expressed an interest in being on our referral list. We will also keep a listing of the referral requests on this tab. (Referrals will be open a standard 2 weeks long unless otherwise requested by the landowner).

4.) Resource professionals will express their interest in a particular job to the Conservation District.

5.) We will forward all responses to the landowner. The landowner will decide which resource professional to work with.

6.) There will be follow-up with each landowner to be sure they have received the assistance they need.

7.) The FAP forester will then request information from the landowner or Forester (after landowners approval) for financial information to be added to a database. (The information will not be linked to any names or specific location, the information will be aggregated to the county level for reporting on success of this program.

Remaining FY 2017 Referral Updates-


Referral Number: 36-17-046
Date: 09/13/17
Location: Iron County, T31N R31W
Acres: 30

Status: 09/18/17:Open, No selected forester

Parcel Information: 30 acre forested property. About 90-100 BA throughout. Greater proportion of trees in 5-8 diameter range with larger 10-12 inch scattered throughout. Mainly northern hardwood forest type. Southern portion of stand has a lowland swamp area with a patch of black ash trees. Penn Sedge in understory inhibiting regeneration. Landowner is interested in finding a forester to possibly write a plan and to administer timber harvests to improve the stand quality. They have had some offers from a few loggers but they want to have a forester work with them through the proper order of removal. Wildlife habitat is a big consideration for the landowner and they would like to use harvesting and tree planting to enhance their property. If interested please respond by Friday, September 22, 2017.

Referral Number: 36-17-022
Date: 08/04/17
Location:  Iron County, T42N R33W
Acres: 80

Status: 9/18/17  Open, Looking for forester

Parcel Information: Landowner has 80 acres with existing management plan that calls for a harvest in approximately 71 acres (59 acres M7M6). Property is in CFA. Mainly northern hardwood with 100-120 sqft  basal area. Regeneration is being prohibited due to sedge on forest floor. Landowners desire to increase regeneration and are interested in various methods to achieve that. Please let me know if you are interested in administering a timber sale. I will send out the referral packet to the landowner the week of 8/14/17. Map is attached for review.

Referral Number: 07-17-018
Date: 06/25/17
Location: Baraga County, T52N R30W
Acres: 40

Status: 09/18/17, Open looking for forester

Parcel Information: Landowner looking for a forester to administer a timber harvest on their 40 acre parcel. I have not visited the site but the landowner mentioned that things seem to be getting mature and wanted to do some harvesting. Wildlife habitat is a consideration. There are about 5 acres that is part of a water feature right in the middle of the property. If you are interested in performing a harvest for this landowner please respond and I will send them your information. Thanks.

Referral Number: 31-17-016
Date: 06/05/17
Location: Houghton County, T47N R35W
Acres: 40

Status: 09/13/17 , Closed Forester  Selected for Harvest

Parcel Information: Houghton County forest property. This landowner is interested in having a forester come out and assess the viability of conducting a timber harvest in several places throughout the stand. The property consists mainly of jack pine and aspen mixed with spruce and fir. There are several low areas containing spruce, fir, tamarack and red maple with tag alder along the stream. The landowner has several food plots on the property and is looking to harvest areas that contain aspen to regenerate the aspen and build small food plots next to them for grouse and deer habitat. The emphasis for this landowner is wildlife habitat through timber harvest and shrub planting next to food plots. There may also be an interest in obtaining a management plan detailing when, where and how to manage for the future. If you are interested please respond by 06/30/17. Thank you and map is attached.

Action Reports:

The following reports reflect the impact of the Forestry Assistance Program on Iron and Baraga Counties.


If you are a forest professional and would like to be included on our referral list, please complete this Survey Form and send it to:

-or-Mail it to;

Iron Baraga Conservation District

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