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Iron Baraga Conservation District

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Deb Bendick

Assistant Manager

CBCW Corrdinator

Office: (906) 875-3765

Don James

CBCW Staff Leader

Mission and Vision:

Mission: To encourage the wise use of our natural resources through promotion and education

Vision: We will protect, conserve and encourage the use of our natural resources in a responsible manner.

Iron Conservation District

2 South Sixth Street - Suite 15

Crystal Falls, MI 49920

Roger Jaworski

FAP District Forester

Office:  (906) 875-3765
Cell:  (906) 235-5831

[email protected]


Conservation Districts were formed during the dust bowl years. At one time we were referred to as The Soil Conservation District.

President Franklin Roosevelt founded the Federal Department of Soil Conservation to help Americas farmers rebound from devastating crop loss, and to ensure that we never repeated past mistakes that had compounded the effects of a drought.

Like many other conservation districts, Iron Baraga Conservation has changed with the times and the economy; we still help the farmers but our new focus is helping Forestry to thrive while still ensuring that responsible harvesting takes place, with the help of our Forestry Assistance program.

Come and visit Iron Baraga Conservation District, our offices are in the lower level of the Iron County Courthouse in Crystal Falls, Michigan. We love to share information, try to be of help to everyone, and we always love volunteers.

Who We Are

Iron Baraga Conservation District is one of Michigan's 77 Conservation Districts. We are providers of natural resource management services and information. Our goal is simple to help local citizens manage their lands and preserve our environment for a cleaner, healthier, economically stronger Michigan.
Iron Baraga Conservation District is governed a five member Board of Directors who contribute a wide range of personal interests, and experience.

Our current board is comprised of:

  • Zane (Dale) Carlson, a retired nurse, and self employed farmer.
  • Maxine Henry, a retired Forest Park Schoolteacher, and owner of a small business utilizing forestry products. (Deceased 2/28/2016)
  • Tim Bendick, employed by Iron County Road Commission, Youth Football coach, and  avid outdoors man.
  • Harry Robbe, retired from a local home improvement and building supply store, he is also an organic gardener, and embraces alternative transportation and energy sources.

Jennifer Ricker
District Manager

WePIC Corrdinator

Iron County Soil & Sed CEA

Office: (906) 875-3765
Cell: (906) 367-1203
[email protected]
[email protected]